Beginning of January I was contacted by the Bitshift meetup organizers, asking if I could come over and do a talk or two. Having two talks more or less prepared I decided that it could be a fun experience and also great practice. I gave a talk on caching (slides), and one on the architecture behind personalization of, (slides).

Before and during my previous talks I have noticed my heart rate goes somewhat haywire, so I decided it could be fun to track it during a talk. As I got on stage setting up and having a chat with one of the organizers I turned on my garmin and noticed straight away that I was having a small workout, that's a 140bpm. Apparently something happened about 5 minutes in, my pulse peaked out at 165 bmp. Here's the whole storyheartrate
We had a break about an hour in before we started again, easy to spot.

I have a tendency to talk a bit fast, and also run demos waaay too fast. Heart rate may be a part of it, and I will keep tracking it to see if I can managed to calm down a bit. The first chance seems to be April 26th, when I will give a talk on DocumentDb for NNUG Oslo

Bitshift was a great experience, and it was really fun talking about something I care about and engage me. I was also surprised by the strong turnout, about the same as we see in Oslo.

Thanks for having me.
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