I'm an avid consumer of tech videos from conferences and events. They are a truly great source for inspiration and learing.

Being a consultant I cannot justify attending all the conferences I want. Timewise it may not fit with the customer projects, the conference is slightly off my main area of expertise. Not to mention sheer number of great conferences these days is huge, this is an attempt to keep a to-watch list.

NDC Oslo - 2014 June

and there's a lot more at http://vimeo.com/channels/ndc2014

Smidig 2014

  1. Spotify Engineering Culture - Henrik Kniberg http://vimeo.com/album...video/110550974
  2. The Birth, Life and Certification of a Very Good Idea - Jim Benson http://vimeo.com/album...video/110550724
  3. Lean UX, smidig UX, tradisjonell UX - same shit, new wrapping - Klara Vatn
    (Norwegian) http://vimeo.com/album...video/110740419
  4. Impact Mapping - Henning Spjelkavik
    (Norwegian) http://vimeo.com/album...video/110740131